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We spend a lot of our time at local markets where we get the opportunity of speaking to our valued customers directly.  These are just some of the questions we are asked on a regular basis.

We use heritage or traditional breeds like Hereford and Dexter due to their ability to be able to finish on grass without the need for any grain finishing. They are also better marbled than commercial cattle which gives the beef more flavour.

We pride ourselves in only using beef that has either been raised on the Rosemount farm or else from local breeders to ensure that we have full traceability of our beef and can ensure that it is grass fed, to the highest welfare standards and has had a happy life running on pasture as nature intended.
Our rare breed pork is a breed called Oxford Sandy and Black and Old Heritage breed that we nearly lost due to the fact they don’t grow as big as other commercial breeds and carry more fat. By rearing rare breed pigs we are helping pedigree breeders to get quality breeding animals to keep the animal numbers growing. In turn we take all the weaners that do not make the breed standard and promote the quality pork they produce to sell direct to our customers.

All our meat is frozen at the point of butchery. This process allows all the freshness and flavour as well as the nutritional goodness to be locked in. Not to mention the increased shelf life, allowing you to enjoy when you wish.

We are confident that there is absolutely no compromise on the taste and texture of the meat.

• We don’t have to add nasty preservatives or additives to our products
• Allows us to promote our sustainable farming practices
• Minimal waste for you
• Competitive pricing 


To ensure you get the best results using our products we advise to defrost the meat thoroughly and slowly in refrigerator over night or on kitchen work top. Let steaks come up to room temperature before cooking to get the best results when cooked.

Yes, we do home delivery with a range of different delivery prices depending on distance and order size and also will be adding courier service delivery for those outside our delivery zone in the near future.

If you are unhappy with your order please contact us immediately so we can get the problem resolved.