5kg Homebred Premium Beef Box

Our 28-day dry aged 5kg Home bred premium beef box includes a variety of grass-fed cuts of beef to suit a wide variety of dishes and meals.


• 2 x Sirloin steaks (225g – 250g each)

• 1 x Topside or Silverside roast (1.2kg – 1.4kg) – choose below

• 1 x Shin (250g – 300g)
• 1 x Steak pieces (400g)
• 1 x Steak strips (400g)

Choice of 5 packs from the following:

• 4oz steak burgers (4 per pk)
• steak mince (400g)
• steak sausages (400g)
• steak vegetable roll (1lb)

Some cuts may vary depending on availability.


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Choose your roast:

Choose your pack options (total of 5 packs)